Seminar on modern design of experiments (DoE) methods

The Trinity Centre

  • Date 22 Jun 2017
  • Address The Trinity Centre 24 Milton Road Cambridge CB4 0FN

Registration Fee: FREE

Definitive Screening Designs (DSDs) were introduced in 2011 and have revolutionised Design of Experiments (DoE) in industry. In this half day seminar you will learn why.

You will also get a “peek into the black box” of a new fitting method for DSDs that provides a simple way for experimenters to find the most useful model. The method exploits one of the many desirable features of DSDs; that the main effects of DSDs are uncorrelated with each other and also uncorrelated to all two-factor interactions and quadratic effects. You will see why this enables more people to get the benefits of DoE.

Following the session, we invite you to join us for a complimentary lunch during which you’ll have the chance to continue the discussion and network with those facing similar challenges in their organisations.

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