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Parks At One

The Trinity Centre
Wed 11 Dec

13:00 - 14:00

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Live to Work or Work to Live?

Most of us are deeply engaged in our work. Many of us when we are not officially working are still turning over work problems and solutions in our minds. Some of may even fail to take our full allowance of holidays! But do we live to work or work to live?

It begs the bigger question - what is the meaning of our work? Why do we do what we do? Is life meant to be a subset of work or work a subset of life? 

We were delighted to welcome Professor Russell Cowburn to helping us navigate our topic.

Prof Cowburn is Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge. He is the founder of three start-up companies and the inventor of the anti-counterfeiting technology ‘Laser Surface Authentication’. He has been granted over 60 patents as a scientist, is a fellow of the Royal Society and has won many awards in his field. His research interests are in nanotechnology and its application to healthcare. 

Prof Cowburn is also a Christian who seeks to apply the 'mind of God' to every area of his life, including his approach to work as a scientist. In this talk he will give us a fresh perspective on the purpose of work and offer examples of how his faith has influenced his professional scientific life.

Do come along and bring colleagues for what will be a really fascinating talk. 

Parks At One will be meeting in the Trinity Centre. Food is available to purchase at the cafe on site or free to bring your own lunch while you listen. 

Event Details

  • Event: Parks At One
  • Date: Wed 11 Dec
  • Time: 13:00 - 14:00

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