The Trinity Centre

  • Date 11 Dec 2018
  • Time 13.00
  • Address The Trinity Centre 24 Milton Road Cambridge CB4 0FN

Our theme is Christmas - the biggest problem solved!

As we approach the Christmas season for many of us it will be a much needed time for rest, family, feasting and the great exchange of gifts - but is there a deeper meaning to the season?

This months Parks At One will be exploring the very heart of the Christmas message. The great problem of religion is that no-one has ever seen God. We’ll discover how Christmas addresses this head on and brings surprising and wonderful hope to the deepest needs of our lives.

Our speaker is Alasdair Paine. Alasdair is a speaker, author, former teacher and has been the senior minister of St Andrew the Great church (Stag) in Cambridge city centre for the last eight years. When Alasdair first came to Cambridge, it would have surprised him greatly that one day he would be vicar of a church here! For in those days he was an agnostic. It was while he was a student at Trinity College that he discovered the Christian faith.

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