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CWIC 2020: At the Edge

Tue 22 Sep

09:00 - 18:00

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We’re delighted to announce that we’re bringing the leading Cambridge tech conference into the Digital World: Welcome to CWIC 2020 Virtual Conference! Early bird tickets are available until 10th August. 

Join us at CWIC 2020: At the Edge on 22 September 2020 for an immersive event and networking experience.

The world is at the edge of great change, with new technologies offering radically different operating models to businesses. The processing capacity of both low-power devices and data centres has increased dramatically over the past decade, and rapid, high-bandwidth connectivity means that consumers no longer notice where or what is processing their demands. They just know that their needs are being met more quickly and in a more personalised way than ever before. And they hope more than trust that it is being done in a secure, sustainable manner.

These new business models, exemplified by the rise of "X as a Service", are being tested by a few and early successes suggest that adoption will be required by all. Those who can successfully innovate soonest will thrive. The CW International Conference will introduce cutting-edge use cases to explore:

  • Which technologies are enabling the shift from "X as a Product" to "X as a Service"?
  • How will business models and internal processes need to change to keep ahead of the competition?
  • What challenges lie down this path, and what technologies are there which can alleviate their impact?
  • With sustainability now central to firms' decision making, how can technologists ensure that this shift in business model has minimal impact on the planet.

Earlybird rate available until 10 August.


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Event Details

  • Event: CWIC 2020: At the Edge
  • Date: Tue 22 Sep
  • Time: 09:00 - 18:00
  • Location: Online

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