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Open RAN maturity and interoperability: the emerging story from the labs

Tue 12 Oct


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Open RAN is a hot topic for driving innovation and diversification in mobile networks, and most Open RAN deployments to date are based on small cells. But there are many questions about the rate of progress for Open RAN before it can provide a widespread deployment option in UK networks, both public and private. Labs around the world are being created to explore these issues with funding from government, regulators and industry, including several in the UK. This event will establish what is being learned from these labs and the remaining barriers for Open RAN to have its vaunted impact.

Questions we will examine include:

  • Are the various Open RAN labs overlapping or complementary?
  • What has been learned so far about the status of Open RAN standards and product interoperability?
  • What is the timeline for Open RAN products to go beyond basic interoperability to delivering on performance and cost expectations of operators, neutral hosts and private deployments?
  • Do small cells provide a launchpad and proving ground for Open RAN in rural and urban macrocells, or is the performance and feature gap too large?

Speakers are invited from UK and international labs, governments, regulators and industry groups.

Event Details

  • Event: Open RAN maturity and interoperability: the emerging story from the labs
  • Date: Tue 12 Oct
  • Time: 2PM
  • Location: Online

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