Onboarding via Video


  • Date 6 May 2020
  • Time 11:00 - 12:00
  • Location Webinar

You’ve successfully interviewed and recruited remotely. Now how do you ensure a smooth onboarding process for your new hire?

How would you normally onboard a new employee? How will that work within a remote setup? What will that employee potentially miss out on?

In the last of this webinar series from Katherine Wiid, a Recruitment & Retention coach based in Cambridge, we will be looking at ways to ensure new employees settle in and hit the ground running despite the current remote working setup. The focus here is on leadership skills - and how to ensure you get the best out of your team despite not being face to face. Find out how to ensure you know how your people work, and how to adapt your leadership style to suit them. Allowing you to successfully onboard, effectively manage your people remotely, keep productivity levels high and team morale up.

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