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Looking after us at home: auto switch in the kitchen

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Thu 14 Oct


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Indoor positioning has gradually eased its way into our lives. First it appeared in large public places: travel hubs, shopping malls. Then it found an increasingly vital role in large industrial buildings, eventually moving via the workplace and into the home.

In the second of our two online SIG events on indoor positioning we take a tour around a smart home. Knowing not only our whereabouts but our habits can turn what would be just a gimmick into something much more, a lower energy lifestyle. Positioning technology has enabled labour-saving cleaning around the home. A seamlessly connected network of devices that used to speak different languages, now communicate with each other in order to optimise our lives. They can heat areas of the house in anticipation of our arrival, clean the house when most efficient and least disruptive, minimise energy consumption without affecting our comfort. The cumulative energy saving when used widely in a domestic setting is huge.

Speakers to announced shortly.

The first session in this series took place on the 18th March and was entitled 'Looking after us at work: where in the warehouse?'

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  • Event: Looking after us at home: auto switch in the kitchen
  • Date: Thu 14 Oct
  • Time: 14:00
  • Location: Online

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