IoD East of England Webinar: Businesses Need a Culture of Care More Than Ever

Zoom event

  • Date 12 May 2020
  • Time 12:30 - 13:30
  • Location Zoom event

In the current climate the focus of organisations, and therefore the requirements of its leaders, managers and workforce will almost certainly have changed.

It might mean a change in focus, it might mean new markets, collaboration to drive innovation or even just survival. Whatever it might be, you'll need everyone to be on the same journey as a team. Leaders need to inspire and lead and probably vary their styles to suit the changing situations as they occur.

Those leaders will also need to be supported as they will face new challenges, so support from their own teams, or even outside the team, to co-create solutions is critical. They shouldn’t see seeking support as a weakness but as an opportunity to engage and learn. (Humility is a powerful leadership trait).

Those organisations who do have a culture of care will have probably been more engaged throughout the last few months with virtual meetings, checking in on each other and their teams, being there for each other if needed. They will be reframing ‘problems’ to ‘improvement opportunities’ and sharing ideas to co-create solutions to the challenges, ready for the next steps when they come. Those organisations will have a greater chance of returning to ’normality’, whatever that might be, in the challenging times ahead.

The lunchtime webinar will take place virtually on Zoom. Once you have registered to join, you will be sent a link to connect and to add to your diary prior to the meeting.

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