INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP for the Start Up / Scale UP / SME community

Wed 24 Jun


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Join IC Resources and CW for a participative workshop focusing on start-ups and scale-ups and brainstorm a range of topics including funding, strategy, and finance.

We will be using Zoom to host the workshop which will start with two short talks from high profile speakers. Following the talks the participants will split out into groups (Zoom rooms) to discuss the different workshop topics. Each group will have a facilitator to promote discussion and collate specific case studies, lessons learnt and successful (or unsuccessful) strategies. Everyone will re-convene after 45 minutes with each facilitator presenting their team’s conclusions and recommendations to the collective.

Workshop topics:

Funding: How has the landscape changed since Lockdown? What are the implications of loan vs equity? How much can you compromise / give away? Is the Future Fund the way forward?

Strategy: Stay the course or pivot to profit from the crisis? Can you engage differently with investors and customers? Do you need a different exec team to deal with the new challenges? Should you take investment at low valuations or try to ride out the storm?

Tactical: How to deal with new communication channels? How to identify struggling or underperforming employees? How to manage morale and new stresses on both yourself and your employees? Furlough vs full steam ahead? Is there the opportunity to upgrade? Grow? What about contractors? University students?

Finance Workshop: How important is cash and cash flow forecasts? Balance sheet – any leverage for demonstrating value / loans? How to manage accounting and finance demands when other demands are shouting for attention? What government support or other support is there?

Why attend?

  • Have your voice heard in this highly participatory event
  • Learn useful tactics and strategies
  • Make long term connections

Event Details

  • Event: INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP for the Start Up / Scale UP / SME community
  • Date: Wed 24 Jun
  • Time: 15:00-16:30
  • Location: Webinar