FREE NETWORKING LUNCH - Are your customers’ needs for multichannel communications being met?

The Trinity Centre

  • Date 25 Sep 2017
  • Address The Trinity Centre 24 Milton Road Cambridge CB4 0FN


This specialist BubbleRoom event will interest pharmaceutical medical affairs and commercial colleagues involved in healthcare solutions who are looking to engage with key stakeholders by taking a more integrated multichannel medical communications approach.

Key and privileged insights from a 2017 HEXAGON international customer survey, alongside recent Adis case studies, will illustrate how high-quality, tailored and relevant content, combined with digital/technology-based delivery, can optimize the impact of multichannel communications throughout the brand lifecycle continuum. Reference will be made to successful external and internal medical affairs engagement activities.

12 noon lunch at the Trinity Centre. The session finishes at 13:15

50 perspectives collected from international physicians on multichannel educational needs from pharma

1 local clinician’s viewpoint on unmet opportunities and how digital education can be best integrated

3 case studies on the use of digital and social media to maximize impact of research findings

2 great examples of how integrated patient and customer-centred learning can be delivered to address identified needs

100 colleagues having enjoyed lunch and hopefully taken way some food for thought!

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