Adjusting business service delivery to a changed world


  • Date 30 Apr 2020
  • Time 15:00 - 17:00
  • Location Webinar

A joint CW and Akendi online workshop exploring different ways of working and delivering business services

'When the wind picks up most people go into hiding, a few go out and build a windmill'. This saying is no more true than in the current climate. COVID-19 forces most people and companies to not only find different ways of working but also different ways of delivering business services. 

How do you adjust your service delivery? The organisers of this event do not know and we do not expect you to have the answers either. Please join us for a joint online exploration to learn and discuss this.

The workshop will kick-off with a couple of speakers who will set the scene in a short and sweet way. After that, participants can freely join a number of themed audio channels to discuss the different topics. Finally, we'll briefly wrap up the workshop with a brief summary of the core points discussed under each theme. We are currently in the process of defining the individual themes but are open to suggestions from participants (preferably in advance)

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