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5G for content acquisition and distribution – Session 1

Tue 24 Nov


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About the event


The Content Production & Delivery group are delivering a two part webinar series exploring ‘5G for content acquisition and distribution’ These online SIG events will introduce participants to the state of play with 5G for content distribution and production and the path to delivering the benefits 5G

Aspirational discussion of benefits of 5G for content production and distribution needs to be turned into operational reality. 5G will enhance what is possible to be achieved with current mobile systems and the advantages to distribution and consumption are obvious through bigger pipes and enhanced agility to support ever evolving content and application platforms. The possibilities for content production and acquisition are also exiting but may be less obvious. 5G will allow service and capacity to be delivered where required through use of small cell and potentially highly localised private 5G networks, edge computing and support of a wide range of equipment and applications (not just those use cases directly involved in content acquisition).

The first session in the series considers the role of 5G for content distribution and security. It covers the role of 5G for the creation of a more varied and vibrant ecosystem for content and the desire of some content creators for greater focus on security.

This informal webinar will be chaired by Tony Lavender, Managing Partner at Plum Consulting and CW SIG Champion. Delegates will be encouraged to submit their own questions to draw on the speakers expertise and experiences.




* Free to members / £25.00 (+ VAT) for non members


The second session in the series will take place on the 2nd December, considers the potential of 5G for content creation and production and will explore the how the 5G ecosystem could enhance opportunity, flexibility in the creation environment and the roadmap to arrive there.

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Supported by: UK5G

The national innovation network dedicated to the promotion of research, collaboration and the commercial application of 5G in the UK.

Event Details

  • Event: 5G for content acquisition and distribution – Session 1
  • Date: Tue 24 Nov
  • Time: 14:00

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