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At Szupernova we are a ‘people business’ with a very real emphasis on engaging in ways that inspire audiences to value, share and engage. Because if we talk to prospects and customers like they’re faceless businesses we’ll have missed an opportunity to create a connection. Yours is probably a business with a culture and personality – we believe that your marketing should reflect that.

Which is why our team of event managers, film makers, creatives, digital gurus, writers, and web developers, in taking this ‘People First’ approach to business communications, cut out the boring management speak and focus on audience engagement across every channel that we utilise to reach the people we seek to influence.

We’re a diverse but complimentary group of professionals, which is reflected in the scope of our specialist services, including:

  • Video production
  • Event strategy 
  • Event management
  • Content strategy
  • Content development
  • Engagement strategy
  • Design and branding
  • Website developmen

We’re serious about business growth and engagement. If you are too then we should talk.

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