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ACXEL Tech Ltd

Life Sciences

ACXEL TECH - active-pixel for large scale biosample handling

  • Sector Life Sciences

ACXEL Tech Ltd. is a spin-out company from University of Cambridge. From flat-panel displays to flexible wearable devices, large-area electronics are shaping the world of tomorrow. By adding a little effort, the active elements inside the iPhone displays could be transformed into tiny engines to transport liquid droplet on a piece of glass. Pre-programmed logics will coordinate millions of these pixels (active elements) to perform complex tasks (e.g. droplet dispensing, transportation, regents mixing, droplet splitting) over a large-scale. With the help of the state-of-the-art large-area electronics manufacturing technologies, such an active pixel liquid handling system could provide a high-throughput, low-cost and programmable platform for a wide range of applications in chemistry, biology and medicine related areas. It is also the winner (First Prize) of 2017 Cambridge Enterprise Business Plan Competition.

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