Promoting sustainable travel

A wide range of initiatives are underway to support and encourage sustainable travel.

Travel Plan Plus

We have been a member of Travel Plan Plus (TP+) for the last 5 years. Travel Plan Plus (TP+) is a Travel for Cambridgeshire (TfC) Project providing support to organisations in the north Cambridge area including the Cambridge Science Park. TP+ operate a Commuter Centre from the Innovation Centre on the Park. Transport Manager Prajina Baisyet is on hand to offer practical advice and support to employees on the Park.

Science Park Transport Group

The Science Park Transport Group is hosted by TP+ and meets quarterly to discuss a wide range of transport related topics. One representative from every company on the Park is welcome to attend.  

Reducing car trips

The most practical way for us to alleviate congestion is to reduce the number of cars coming onto and off the park in the rush hours. Here are some of the measures we have implemented to address this issue:

  • free taxi service for commuters using Cambridge North Station   
  • free postcode lunches where people can meet others who live in their town or village - to encourage car sharing
  • 3-day commuter challenge where drivers are encouraged to try a different mode of transport for 3 days in return for a reward

  • making the Ofo shared bikes available on the Park and at Cambridge North

  • ensuring that every new building on the Park has shower facilities as well as covered and lit cycle racks

  • producing travel plans for individuals on the Park to compare green travel options with driving
  • annual Transport Expo (28 June 2018)

The companies on the Science Park share our committment to sustainable travel and are also implementing a variety of measures. These include allocating designated and prime parking spaces to car sharers and offering incentives such as free coffee, breakfast or other giveaways to those who car share.



Companies on the Cambridge Science Park have been registered to use CamShare, the Cambridgeshire on-line car sharing matching database.  It takes just a few minutes to register and identify a match.  Signing up to the Cambridge Science Park database enables you to find other commuters travelling to the Science Park.  For more information see


We are in discussion with a local supplier of e-cycles. The aim is to provide e-bikes at Park & Ride sites.

Resources available to cyclists

Cycle repair services (provided from mobile vans located behind the Innovation Centre)

  • Crazy Spanner operates every Tuesday and Thursday from 8am – 5pm.
  • Cambridge Cycle Smith offers a service on the first Monday of each month from 9am to late

Cambridge cycling campaign

Cambridge Cycling Campaign is a charity run by volunteers. Founded in 1995, its aim is safer, better and more cycling in the Cambridge area where about half of the local population uses a bike at least once a month. Many of the cycle facilities such as paths, lanes, traffic signals, bridges and cycle parks would not exist without the work done by our members.

Cycle journey planner

CycleStreets is a UK-wide cycle journey planner system which lets you plan routes from A to B by bike. It is designed by cyclists, for cyclists, and caters for the needs of both confident and less confident cyclists. - 

The Bike Hub cycle journey planner is a joint initiative of the Bicycle Association and the Association of Cycle Traders via the Bike Hub levy scheme. Finds the quickest or quietest cycle routes on your smartphone. 

Start Cycling

Do you live more than 3 miles from work and would like to cycle, but think it is too far? Take a look at the TP+ Start Cycling Guide and get some great tips and advice on how to get on your bike.  


Free ‘try it’ bus tickets are available from our Transport Manager Prajina Baisyet


If you live within driving distance of Longstanton Park & Ride, would you consider this new way of commuting to the Science Park?

Park at the Park & Ride (free of charge), meet the Cambridge Electric Bike representative at a designated zone at the P&R, jump on an electric bike, whizz down the Guided Bus cycle path, park outside your building at the Park ...and do the reverse journey in the evening. Paniers will be provided so no need to worry about your bags.

Please email [email protected]

E-bikes can be picked up at Longstanton Park & Ride from 7am to 9am on weekdays. Safety helmets and high-viz vests will be provided but riders can bring their own helmets

E-bikes must be returned to Longstanton Park & Ride between 4 and 7pm each day.

Returns made after 7pm - bikes need to be locked using the combination lock chain and left at the bike rack; lock the battery key in the key safe provided.

User care
Bikes are supplied with combination lock chains which you must use to lock them at your premises or any other destinations you cycle to during the day. While cycling, the chains must be stored in the pannier bag. Batteries will be fully charged at the start of the daily journey, which will provide ample power for the return trip. The rider is responsible for taking care of the bike in a reasonable and careful manner and not allow any person(s) to damage the bike or cause damage, wilfully or act with undue care. Whenever the bike is not in use the battery must be locked and the key taken out and kept in a safe place by the rider.

Roadside Assistance
Roadside assistance will be provided if you have a puncture or other mechanical failure that prevents you from completing your journey. A taxi will be sent to collect you and the e-bike from the nearest road access point. The emergency number to be used for such incidents is 07973 499224 or 07971 054279.

Longstanton Park & Ride

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