A safe site for staff and visitors

We are commited to ensuring the Cambridge Science Park is a safe and secure environment for both staff and visitors.

Our security system operates at two levels:


Across the Park there is a 30-camera low light level colour digital CCTV system which is in operation permanently. The system functions from an operations room within the Park where data are stored should it be required. The existing system is becoming out-dated and a new CCTV system is planned for installation during 2018.

Manned foot & mobile vehicle patrols

Our on-site security services are provided 24*7 by local firm Abbey Security. Security guards are in radio contact with the operations room where the controller is able to direct their activities by using the CCTV system.

Management Regulations

The Science Park also has Management Regulations in place which help maintain the security and quality of the environment. To read the 2017 05 03 Management Regulations and Occupier Information please use the link provided. In order to ensure that the Cambridge Science Park remains a safe and pleasant environment in which to work, these regulations require the co-operation of everyone working on or visiting the Park. The regulations are intended for the provision of reasonable regulation and direction, without detriment to any benefits under any written agreements between landlords and tenants on the Park.

Facilities Management Special Interest Group

The Park's Facilities Management Special Interest Group is the forum where representatives from the companies on the Park meet to discuss all aspects of operating their facility including health and safety.

First Aid Courses

Our security services provider Abbey Security organises First Aid Courses for staff working on the Park. Courses are delivered by First Aid Awards Ltd.

To contact our security team:

Please call 01284 330410 or 0792 0802202

Gate Access

The cycle gate (phase 6 next to Broadcom) is opened at 05:30hrs and it is locked at 22:00hrs

The road gate on phase 6 is on a timer and opens at 05:30hrs and closes at 20:25hrs.

The cycle gate on phase 1 is opened at 05:30hrs and locked at 20:30hrs.


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