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Castle Special Needs School

Message from a fundraising parent at Castle Special Needs School:

My son who has autism attends Castle School which is just off Milton Road, Cambridge. He was so unhappy in mainstream school until we could get him a place at this amazing school! The staff are so selfless and incredible, especially given the all consuming nature of the job where the complex needs and disabilities of the children requires 110% energy and dedication.

Because the school is so local to the Science Park I wonder if some of the companies would be willing to be a sponsor or 'friend' of the school. The school is currently trying to raise money for a desperately needed soft play room. We are holding lots of fundraising events, but it is going to cost £14,000, so we are hoping some local companies will help us out. If you are able to donate even a small amount, we would be so grateful. Our Just Giving page can be found at https://www.justgiving.com/castleschoolcharitableassociation Please also take a look at our website so you can get more of a feel for who we are https://www.castleschool.info/

If you are interested in becoming a longer term 'friend' or sponsor, please email me at painterz@ntlworld.com You would be welcome to come and visit the school and see it in action! It's only a small school so it has a very homely, personal feel to it, and it certainly seems to melt the hearts of all who walk through the door!

Thanks so much for your time and consideration.

Kindest regards,

Gayle Painter