Xaar drives creativity in digital tile decoration at Tecnargilla

Xaar, the ceramics industry’s leading inkjet technology specialist, will show the exciting creative possibilities for ceramic tile manufacturers with its new printheads – the Xaar 1002 GS40 and Xaar 001 – at Tecnargilla (Hall D1/Booth 010, 22nd-26th September, Rimini). These printheads fulfil Xaar’s promise of ‘Big Colour, Big Effects and Big Advantage’.

The Xaar 1002 GS40 printhead extends the market-leading family of printheads which support the widest range of inks and which all use Xaar’s unique TF Technology™ for maximum production uptime. With a minimum drop size of 40 picolitres (pL) the new Xaar 1002 GS40 can lay down twice as much ink as the Xaar 1002 GS12.  As a result, the new printhead expands further the range of fluids that can be deposited to produce strong, vibrant colours and a range of glaze effects.

The Xaar 1002 GS40 is easy to integrate into additional bars within existing printers to add ‘Big Colour and Big Effects’ capability and will enable tile manufacturers to achieve incredible design differentiation.

Also at the show, Xaar will show the novel Xaar 001 printhead which is capable of jetting digital glaze and other fluids with very large particle sizes and laying down more than 200 g/m2 on a tile. With the Xaar 001 printhead tile manufacturers will be able to use digital techniques in new areas, such as applying textured patterns and varying patterns tile-by-tile if required. Designers will also be able to synchronise the texture and coloured patterns for even more realistic final tiles.

“With these new printheads Xaar overcomes one of the final challenges to digitalising the entire ceramic tile manufacturing process,” says Richard Barham, Sales and Marketing Director, Xaar.  “The Xaar 1002 printheads deliver the widest range of colour and special effects and we are very pleased with the spectacular tiles that can now be produced with our new printheads using innovative fluids from our Ink Partners. We are also pleased that our OEMs are ready to deliver the new Xaar 1002 GS40 to ceramic tile manufacturers both in new printers and as additional printbars within installed printers.”

Gillian Ewers, Xaar’s ceramic specialist, will present the company’s latest printhead developments in digital glazing and decoration of ceramic tiles at the 6th ACIMAC Annual Meeting and Conference on Digital Glazing and Decoration of Ceramic Tiles during Tecnargilla on 23rd September.

For further information and to register, visit www.tecnargilla.it.

About Xaar
Xaar is a world-leader in the development of inkjet technology and manufacture of piezoelectric drop-on-demand industrial printheads. The company also develops and sells ink systems, electronics and fluid optimisation services to accelerate inkjet system development and adoption. Xaar printheads incorporate patented technology which delivers unbeatable performance when decorating, patterning, depositing functional coatings on, or adding structure to, a variety of industrial and consumer products. Today leading manufacturers worldwide, in sectors ranging from ceramics, wide-format graphics and labels to direct-to-shape packaging and decorative laminates, choose Xaar’s printheads because they are extremely precise, exceptionally versatile, incredibly reliable, and designed for high-volume production. Additional information about Xaar is available at www.xaar.com

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