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Venue: Suite 12, Trinity Centre, 24 Cambridge Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 0FN, tel: 01223 395 800.

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  • 10 May 2012: 8:30 am until 10:30 am;

Is sustainability still an option for businesses, or is it now a necessity?

This breakfast session looks at the opportunities and cost savings available to any business that embraces a sustainability strategy.

Business breakfast content highlights – Creating a competitive advantage; reducing operating costs; ‘top tips’ on how to save money in the short, medium and long-term; discussions about financial incentives like the Feed in Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive; better management of risks such as increasing energy prices; enhancing your image, reputation and profile in your marketplace and most importantly tapping into new markets and winning new business!

Our speaker: Jae Mather, Director of Sustainability at HW Fisher and Company, brings 15 years of industry experience to their dedicated team and will provide insight into key sustainability issues for businesses and explore case studies that provide examples of how this has worked for businesses like yours.

Who should attend? This seminar is aimed at CEOs, Directors, facilities managers or anyone who wants to understand how being sustainable can really add value to their business’s bottom line. Free event for companies based on the Cambridge Science Park, places offered on a first come first served basis.

For further information please contact Suzy Malati on 020 7292 0880, or via email to suzymalati@citygreen.info


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