REACH training 31 Oct, London

Imagine… you discover that a substance is not registered under REACH and has to be withdrawn. Could your business survive the supply chain disruption? Non-compliance may result in reputational damage, loss of market share, penalties (e.g. fines) and in extreme cases, imprisonment.

“Of a total of 1,181 companies inspected, 67% did not comply with one or more provisions of obligations under REACH and rules on the classification, labelling and packaging (CLP) of chemicals.”

Source: European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry, 4 Sept 2013.

Reach Training for Small Businesses

31 October 2013 Chemistry Centre, Burlington House, London W1J 0BA
A ‘must attend’ event for staff responsible for regulatory compliance; health, safety and environment managers; formulators and downstream users of chemicals – to find out more please read the programme.

£385 plus VAT (discounts available)

What will be achieved?
This event will remove that feeling of uncertainty and vulnerability as you become empowered to deal with the challenges REACH presents. Also receive a copy of the course materials.

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