It’s Your Park – comments on current amenities


We’ve ordered a cash machine and additional park benches – due in September

We are reviewing the menus at both the Trinity Centre and the Bradfield Centre

We are in discussion with a hotel operator that includes a pub, larger gym, leisure facilities and pool


The Green spaces are very well maintained, and there are literally thousands of places to sit and read a book

More choice is needed.

Need more food services available to park.

The Gym will always be incomplete without a pool.
Great restaurant and a nice atmosphere!
All good

Service can be slow in Trinity Centre over the lunch period 12 – 2pm.  We all use this time slot. What can you do to improve service. Pricing –  for “Park” employees offer a discount card?

Trinity restaurant service is often very slow

Bike is amazing, food park as well. A bit slow service at Trinity.

More varied menu at the Trinity Centre restaurant.

Trinity Centre on the higher end of affordable. Food park provides good food but generally far too busy with too long queues to be worth while using

If there was a pool at the gym I’d go everyday

Awareness… not heard of around half these options. Expensive food. Get the companies to maybe provide subsidies so we use them more. Trinity feels a bit harsh and cold inside, and some staff can be a bit offish
Trinity Centre got a bit pricey. Revolution gym is excellent and the staff there are great, but it can get quite busy.
No problems with any of the places within the Science Park.

Gym should have more classes after 6:30, so people can get there if they work until 6.

Trinity Center Conferencing: Nice facilities but the chairs were awful. I get back ache generally anyway but after a 2-3 day course there I was in a lot of pain for a long time afterwards. Revolution Gym: I’ve been using it twice a week since 2008. Basic but does the job for me. It really needs better toilet facilities though.

Just started going to the gym. Classes are excellent – worried that it might be difficult to get a place when the park gets even more populated.

It was pretty good. The view of the lake is nice.

Found the restaurant was pleasant, good food, but a little pricey. The gym is a little too small. I stopped using the gym when it moved (for renovation) and have not returned since. It is a shame that the squash court can no longer be used for squash as I would probably use it if I could. The conferencing was fine, was nice to have the treats / tea / coffee at the breaks.

The gym and Wrek are great places, if a bit small
Terrible, the security are only here as a show of face. They didn’t care that my property was stolen on Christmas day and they can’t access CCTV. Also, why is the rear footpath gate closed after hours and on weekends? People still work during the night and on weekends.
Better security globally – bike theft is a common problem.
The lack of cash point + removal of squash courts was really bad. It’s also too far from the “Chesterton Train Station” to be useful without the addition of a throwaway bike to lock up for the short shuttle runs between it and the office.
I’m not sure what most of those things are, but they sound interesting… Maybe they should be made more obvious features of the park with better sign posting/advertisment.

Cafe/Bar needs to have quick, excellent service, reasonable prices and keep up with modern living. I like the food park but I don’t work Tuesday or Thursday these days so miss out on it. It is also a little weather dependent. Perhaps there could be some cover. Should be able to pre-order for an efficient lunch at any bar/restaurant.

Apart from the gym, I had no idea those facilities existed within the park. The services the park has need to be communicated better to companies and people within.
A bigger gym (or another gym), more food options, less cars.

Personally I live too far from work to make use of the Gym/other amenities here but I feel what is offered is good for a place of work
Confusing parking for visiting the osteopath – few spaces and according to the signs, Trinity Centre isn’t permitted.
Food Park is always great and the variety of traders is really something to shout about. The only improvement I’d make is having traders take up card machines so they can take card transactions. With modern technology it’s really easy and I think requiring the use of cash all the time doesn’t reflect the modern feel of the Science Park at all.

Had a couple of nice lunches there. It has always been quiet so no need to book. Nice views of the lake.
The Trinity Centre is a great place for a catch up over a coffee. The food park is very tasty, but overcrowded with not enough seating provided

I heard there have changes here, but Trinity centre could have a better atmosphere, considering it caters for all Science park, sometimes it’s fairly empty. Also, it would be good if it didn’t close so early on a Friday evening.
The Trinity Centre café isn’t an inviting place to go. Access to a beautician on site is really convenient and I use that regularly. The food park is great although it would be nice if it was more than once a week and there were more vans with more food options
The Trinity Centre should be the hub of choice and be a fantastic facility. However it never seems to impress people and hence we usually go off site for both client and team lunch meetings.

Gentrifying the surroundings for the Trinity Centre

Should stay open later into the evening to be useful

its good – could be much better – the food is average good quality but boring – doesn’t reflect the businesses that work here
Trinity Centre restaurant/cafe is much improved recently. However, should be open beyond office hours so science park employees can socialise there after work.
Revolution gym is tired, dated and doesn’t have a good selection of classes. Foodpark is an interesting addition, but pricey, and not so attractive when your employer offers you a free canteen!
Trinity centre restaurant is a bit slow for regular lunch breaks – need a faster option if this is to be used more regularly.
Very limited choice for vegetarians
I use the food park very often and love it, although I’d love if there was more choice, and also if there was a clear way to know which stall would be present in advance.. I think it complements nicely the trinity cafe for a less formal / picnic kinda meal, it ‘s good to have the two options. I’m surprised to see on this list things I was not aware of (osteopath, first aid training courses, the wrek (what is this?) beauty shell etc.. I’m glad there is now “the park life” and hope to learn more about all these amenities that are available!
Conference rooms are good, and it is a pleasant and convenient place to have on off-site meeting. Nice to have somewhere on site which can host a multi-company event.

I just work here. Lunch is provided free and we’re flexi time so I prefer to take the minimum and start/leave earlier in order to follow other pursuits.
It’s a shame the bike repair service isn’t available anymore – it is very useful to have one as so many of us rely on our bikes to commute. The food park has been a great addition, but it’s only once a week and the queues are so long that it’s impractical for a 30 minute lunch break. It would be great to have more food options more scattered around the park. We miss the fun run!

More places to meet people and eat / get a coffee would be good

The Trinity Centre Cafe was a bit rubbish. Poor quality and poor service. The gym was basic when I was a member there but very convenient. I’ve been told it’s improved. The food park is awesome. The osteopath is very convenient and has helped my back a lot.

More informal dinning zones i.e. picnic tables. Better signage of footpaths to these locations
Trinity Center restaurant sometimes takes a bit long to get served and range of menu could be improved, but otherwise OK. Revolution Gym is very easy to access and offers a good range of equipment.

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