Cambridge Consultants: Synthetic Biologist – PhD Internship (Ref 1123)

Cambridge Consultants is building an exciting new business in biotechnology, particularly synthetic biology.  We’re working to bring together biology, chemistry and engineering to design and build engineered biological systems.  As part of this mission, we’re looking for a bright, motivated PhD student to join the team on an internship.   With a strong background in biochemistry or molecular biology, you’ll work alongside our scientists and engineers to apply your scientific skills and knowledge to our synthetic biology projects.  You’ll learn how new technology is applied in a business context and the challenges this presents.

This is a three-month internship with flexible timing.


Main purpose of the job

This internship will give you a valuable opportunity to:

  • Experience working in a commercial organisation with timeline and budget pressures
  • Understand how industrial projects are planned and executed
  • Work in a multi-disciplinary team with a broad range of engineering and scientific skill-sets
  • Work on new tasks outside the immediate remit of their PhD studies and take new responsibilities, often of a non-technical nature


Type of work

Synthetic biology is a cross-company capability working with clients in many industries from consumer goods to pharmaceuticals.  Our team is focused on building new business based on the rapidly-maturing ideas and techniques for rational design and engineering of biology. As well as client projects, we are working on internally-funded projects to build our know-how and methods.  Our particular areas of interest are design of biological sensors (both in-vivo and in-vitro) and process scale-up.  Our work today is predominantly in bacteria and yeast.


Specific responsibilities

Specific responsibilities for this internship are:

To execute assigned tasks within a multi-disciplinary team. These will be discussed with the candidate to suit their needs and could include a mix of biology, chemistry, software, hardware or project administration tasks

To work on CC internal synthetic biology projects providing specific, detailed technical know-how in their area of expertise

To assist in implementing on-going improvements to our synthetic biology lab processes and systems, particularly in automation and information management

To help create CC marketing collateral for synthetic biology and the processes to engineer biological systems


Minimum requirements

You must be presently registered on a PhD course at a university well-known and regarded for biotechnology and life-sciences research.  Your research must be on a topic related to synthetic biology or bioengineering– the design and build of biological systems against pre-defined specifications – with an emphasis on the biochemical systems and processes.  This research must include significant hands-on experimental work so the candidate is familiar working in laboratory surroundings.  Research in bacterial systems and / or sensing is preferred.

You will be in your second or third year of PhD study.