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Entrepreneurship in the Green Economy – Cambridge 29 April 2010

29 April 2010

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29 April 2010

The UK Government has of late increased its investments in green initiatives as a strategic means of creating sustainable opportunities that will take the UK out of the doldrums. Its initiatives are focused on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in anything from enhancing solar power to harnessing wind power, creating the next generation bio fuels to generating clean coal technologies. This offers huge opportunities in the green economy to Britain’s entrepreneurs. To succeed in this competitive marketplace, both emerging players and established organisations must evaluate their economic, social and environmental risks and opportunities as they respond to growing consumer demand.
These Young Minds upcoming seminar entitled Entrepreneurship in the Green Economy seeks to equip delegates with the skills required to thrive in the green economy. Professor Alan Barrell, Entrepreneur in Residence, from the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning at the University of Cambridge, who will be chairing the event, says: “Innovation and entrepreneurship will be at the heart of the passionate progress needed to take the green economy from dream toward reality. That’s what Entrepreneurs do!’’ The seminar will provide an opportunity to listen to experienced entrepreneurs and leading business organisations to understand how entrepreneurial solutions have the potential to improve people, profit and planet.
Speakers at the seminar will include Darren Strange, Environmental Sustainability Lead at Microsoft, who will highlight how innovative ICT solutions can contribute to ‘greening’ your business. Sak Nayagam, Accenture’s Climate Change Lead for Europe will talk about identifying the challenges for Business in the Green Economy Trewin Restorick, CEO of Global Action Plan will deliver the keynote on Entrepreneurship in the Green Economy.
When: 29 April 2010, 5:00 – 9:00 PM.
Where: University of Cambridge, LTO, Department of Engineering

Attendance at the seminar is free. Please register at http://www.theseyoungminds.co.uk/events/ticketing.php?billet=1 

and for more information please contact Alim Abubakre at email

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