Keeping it real

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We’ve all been swept along in the digital art tsunami for decades now, and I love it. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the limitless opportunities sitting inside my Mac that hums away effortlessly on my desk. I can create amazingly ‘authentic’ styles of just about anything, all at the press of a button. And …

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Entrants sparkle at HEE Awards

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Last night Simon Fryer, KISS CEO, attended the Health Enterprise East Innovation Awards. Organised by Heath Enterprise East (HEE) these awards recognise the best in health and care innovation from across the region and challenge staff working in the hub’s Member Trusts to come forward with innovative ideas for products and services that address unmet …

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Bringing the Internet to India

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The internet is a key part of Sarah, our Digital Account Executives day, but here she explores what it is like in India where the internet is only just being introduced to a large percentage of the population. It’s hard for many of us to imagine a life without the internet. A Google search is …

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Let’s Think Green!

Travel Plan Plus kindly invites you to our annual event which offers you the chance to explore a wide range of sustainable modes of transport to get to work, options for running errands on the weekends including family day trips or even reviewing your current transport options. Date & Time: Thursday 2nd June, 1130 – …

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What’s the big idea?

Our Creative Director, Rich Bland reflects on the influences on creativity over the decades, but there’s one question that’s worrying him….. We often reference a decade in terms of its ‘look’. Fashion, furniture, architecture, products, graphics, all interwoven by knowledge and experiences, build distinctive images of life within ten year blocks. It’s always been the …

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What colour are you?


Colours never fail to get our creative department excited, here our Creative Director, Rich Bland talks about the importance of colour purity. We know that the backbone of any great brand identity is in its consistent application. Logotypes, typography, imagery, tone of voice, colour, design etc. all working in harmony to ensure a consistent brand …

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