The curse of the browser

Evolution of the web browser (1)

  Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could easily guarantee the same experience for all? To know we were designing and building for an audience whose environments were always consistent. One operating system, one browser, one screen size… simplicity itself. Budgets would be easier to control and guarantees would be easier to make. However, the …

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Rubber Duck Debugging


This is Dave. He is a valuable and irreplaceable member of the KISS Digital Development Team. He is solely responsible for solving a surprisingly large percentage of code bugs that we encounter. Whilst he has no godlike programming skills he is a patient listener. With his assistance, using the rubber duck debugging method, his reliable …

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Adam Andrews promoted to Head of Digital at KISS

Adam Andrews

Integrated creative agency KISS has recently promoted Adam Andrews to Head of Digital.  Adam was previously the agency’s Digital Experience Manager. With over 15 years’ experience in interface design, Adam will oversee the full lifecycle of digital projects, from helping clients to define objectives and scope, to managing everything from planning the user experience through …

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Nokia and Oracle communications expert joins KISS

Tracey SQ

Tracy Postill, a senior PR expert with 20 years’ experience in technology and telecommunications has joined KISS PR’s team as Account Director. Former Head of Communications at Nokia and Communications Manager at Oracle – both in Sydney, Australia, Tracy has extensive experience in the PR and communications sectors. In addition to various in-house roles, Tracy …

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Chisholm Trail Consultation on 3rd and 5th Nov

Proposals for The Chisholm Trail, a mainly off-road foot and cycleway linking the north and south of the city, are now out for public consultation. This traffic-free route would link residential areas and big employment sites across the city by a path which closely follows the rail line. The Trail would provide an off-road link …

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