Cambridge Consultants and Iridium Continue to Innovate with Introduction of Iridium Extreme

Cambridge Consultants, a leading design and development firm, worked with longstanding partner Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq:IRDM) to develop the core technology of Iridium’s newest satellite phone, Iridium Extreme™. The phone is part of a new force in communication, putting innovative capability into the hands of people everywhere.

Iridium Extreme is the toughest and lightest Iridium handset model, with the ability to precisely locate users anywhere on the surface of the planet.  The phone meets stringent U.S. Department of Defense Military Standard 810F for durability and is rich in capabilities, featuring the first dedicated, two-way emergency SOS button on a satellite phone.

The Iridium Core 9523™voice and data module is the “brains” of the Iridium Extreme phone. It is a sophisticated and flexible device packaged into a small and cost-effective platform. This core technology, designed by Cambridge Consultants, will be licensed by Iridium to innovators to develop their own Iridium-based global voice and data communication devices and solutions.

Cambridge Consultants also worked with Iridium to incorporate a range of new technologies into the handset, including fully integrated GPS and the ability to connect to location-based service (LBS) software capabilities for web-based location identification and tracking of users.

Location-Based Services

Iridium Extreme™ will work with a number of new online tracking portal services that allow for advanced mapping and monitoring of users who are often in remote locations. Cambridge Consultants developed Iridium Extreme’s interface to allow users to access and manage a variety of online tracking portals in the field, very simply from the handset. In addition, Cambridge Consultants worked with Iridium to incorporate short burst data (SBD) capability, making it possible to send and receive data messages from the phone to a portal.  The online tracking portals offer a variety of customized location-based monitoring and safety services features including providing emergency services, “geo-fencing,” and sending free-form, canned and social networking messages.

By enabling a variety of new online tracking portal services, the Iridium Extreme opens up new business models and revenue generation opportunities for Iridium and its value-added partners.

“Iridium Extreme is our most advanced handset yet and is a critical component to enabling the new location-based services we are offering customers,” said John Roddy, executive vice president, global operations and product development, Iridium. “Cambridge Consultants’ work has yet again proved invaluable. Our long-term design partnership with the company continues to be a key component of our product development efforts – giving us continued access to Cambridge Consultants’ expertise and experience and enabling us to keep innovating and bringing to market exciting new capabilities for our customers.”

Cambridge Consultants has a longstanding collaborative relationship with Iridium. The company was also involved in the strategy and creation of the Iridium 9555™ and Iridium 9505A™ satellite phones, the Iridium 9522B™ L-band transceiver (LBT), the Iridium OpenPort® maritime voice and data service, and the Iridium 9602 SBD transceiver.

Richard Traherne, head of wireless at Cambridge Consultants commented: “Enabling the advanced functionality in the Iridium Extreme, whilst maintaining the compact size and ease of use that Iridium’s satellite phones are known for, was no insignificant task. But that is precisely why our wireless team is always so inspired and motivated by working with Iridium, and the new handset is just the latest result of that partnership.”

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