A new order from a Japanese technology company for FAIMS development platforms has been received by Owlstone’s Cambridge UK laboratories.
This follows an earlier purchase of a single development kit for trial purposes, opening discussions between the two companies regarding the licensing of Owlstone’s FAIMS technology for specific market sectors in Japan. The new order, for an additional five systems, is intended as the basis for further technology validation and initial local business development activities. In the meantime, talks continue regarding the potential synergies between the two organisations.
The latest announcement follows an earlier appointment by Owlstone of two additional Asian distributors for its LONESTARTM gas analyser and OVG-4TM Vapor Generators.
Jusun Instruments Co Ltd of Taiwan and APM Engineering Co Ltd of the Republic of Korea are both independently owned businesses whose specialist local knowledge combined with long standing experience in the gas analysis field fully complements Owlstone’s radical approach to developing and delivering new gas detection technology.
‘Continuing worldwide interest in Owlstone’s products, particularly LONESTAR and OVG, demands a greater presence in international markets,’ said Owlstone’s CEO, Bret Bader. ‘These new relationships are of considerable benefit in our ongoing business-building activities in the key South East Asian economies.’

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